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Joyousness is the state or experience of great happiness and joy.  It is a natural state that arises when the mind is settled and clear and when the heart is filled with loving kindness.

We have been running courses for personal and spiritual development in Staffordshire, England, for over twenty years on a wide range of subjects, including meditation and healing, enabling those who take part in them to deepen their experience of life.  We also run a regular tai chi class.  

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In June 2008, Andrew's first book, The Great Little Book of Happiness was published and has been featured on television and radio.  His second book, Awakening Heart, was published in June 2011 and the third, The Art of Not Doing, will be published later in 2013.

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Andrew & Gloria Marshall

Andrew's blog at Joyousness

The Blog has moved...

by Andrew Marshall on 05/10/13

My blog is now over at The Art of Not Doing - the website for my forthcoming book. Hope to see you there (figuratively, of course!)


Mad as birds

by Andrew Marshall on 01/19/13

Wise men have long said that we are all suffering from insanity – the only question is to what degree. Looking at the blackbirds in the garden this morning, one sees that their activity has a certain measure of craziness about it. Even though there is plenty of food, the blackbirds still chase each other away if any of them tries to eat any of it.

Our world of humanity credits itself with intelligence and yet is just as mad as the birds, if not more so. The extent of cruelty that some people inflict on others is horrendous. The world news is focused at the moment on hostages being held by terrorists in Algeria. None of it makes sense. What is the purpose? Is it to improve the happiness of the whole human race? Not on your Nelly.

Few members of the human race are really interested in what is often called enlightenment. Yet the only way out of madness is to realise our true nature and intelligence. Seeking enlightenment is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Whilst we continue to do crazy things, we will carry on sowing seeds of future madness. Doing mad things, believing we are right and not accepting others or ourselves for what we are just creates suffering.We all have responsibility in that; only a fool thinks otherwise.

So we had a hangover - now let's move on

by Andrew Marshall on 11/18/12

In an enlightened society, everyone supports each other and cherishes the environment. Life flourishes because it is respected. No-one tries to outdo anyone else because self-esteem is naturally present and fulfilled. Yin and yang dance with each other in harmony - the real meaning of taiji.

Our society seems to be in an opposite dimension, where everything is out of balance and the affairs of humanity are driven largely by greed and fear. Chaos is having a great time. The world's economy, on the other hand, is struggling to get out of recession, like a party-goer with a massive hangover trying to get out of bed the morning after.
The idea of an enlightened society is not a pipe dream and we need to wake up and clear our heads. We don't have to live in austerity - on the contrary, an enlightened life is an abundant one - but we have to understand and accept that excess is unhealthy. We also have to learn to share and accept responsibility for the world and all life around us.
Consciousness is rising but the lift it gives can be uncomfortable because it causes change. Then we may resist and carry on as before, avoiding what needs to be done. Yet if we hold in mind the image of an enlightened world, we will get there - and it won't be a question of 'if' but 'when'.

No difference

by Andrew Marshall on 11/05/12

There is no difference between you and me, not really. It is only the charade we put up to seem different that makes us think we are.

Invitation - New forum

by Andrew Marshall on 03/10/12

Do we live in a spiritual desert? What do you think? Join the discussion at our new forum:

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